Weddings are a special occasion, and you want to look your best while attending. In this blog post, we’re going to give you some tips on what to wear to a wedding as a guest. Whether you’re looking for something comfortable and stylish, or something that will make a statement, we’ve got you covered!

Check the Invitation for a Dress Code

When you’re a guest at a wedding, dressing appropriately is really important. The first thing to do is check the invitation for the dress code. This will tell you how formal the event is and help you pick out the right outfit. For a formal wedding, it’s usually a good idea to wear a classy and elegant dress or a skirt with a nice top. For a more relaxed wedding, you can go for something a bit more casual, like a nice pair of trousers and a blouse or even a jumpsuit. Plus, the invitation can also give you hints about the theme, which can help you decide on the perfect Wedding Gifts for Couples. So, check the invitation, and dress and gift accordingly!

Choose Colors That Will Flatter You

When it comes to dressing for a wedding, it can be overwhelming to choose what to wear. Avoid stress by following a few tips to help you look your best. One of the most important tips is to choose colours that will flatter you. If you have fair skin and hair, a dress in a deep jewel tone such as burgundy or dark navy can create a striking look. If you have dark skin and hair, opt for lighter dresses in pastel hues for romantic elegance. Avoid prints and patterns as they can easily become distracting. Feel free to add a splash of colour with small accessories, such as a belt or statement necklace. By following these tips, you’ll be sure to find an outfit that you feel confident and beautiful in, making you the perfect wedding guest!

Avoid Wearing the Same Color as the Bridesmaids

As a wedding guest, it is important to look your best and coordinate with the wedding’s theme. Firstly, avoid wearing the same colour as the bridesmaids. When selecting an outfit, it’s important to respect the bride’s request for her bridesmaids to wear a specific colour. Also, stay away from wearing a white or off-white piece. The bride is usually the one wearing white or off-white.

Plan For What’s Going Under Your Outfit

Once you decide on an outfit, consider what you’ll be wearing underneath it. Friendly fabric such as silk, polyester, or cotton may be best. It’s not a good idea to wear something rough or uncomfortable as you’ll be likely to spend the majority of the day standing and dancing. Have confidence in your fashion choices by double-checking that everything that lies beneath your outfit is fit for purpose and won’t cause related embarrassment. Make sure you have comfortable, quality underwear that you can wear with confidence. Strapless bras can be a must-have if you’re wearing a strapless or low-cut dress.

Consider the Season When Picking Your Outfit

When attending a wedding as a guest, consider what season it is before picking your outfit. For example, a lightweight, bare-arm, leave-shoulder dress for a summer wedding is ideal as you can avoid overheating. Floral prints, chiffon, and short hemlines are all great ideas. In colder months you may want to layer up with a jacket, or scarf and leave open-toe shoes for your feet. Remember to pick an outfit that is most suitable for the occasion and will make you feel your best.

Avoid Anything Too Skimpy

It is important to respect the occasion when preparing for a wedding and ensure that you look your best. One important tip for looking your best as a wedding guest is to avoid anything too skimpy. You do not want to detract from the couple’s special day! This means opting for more modest pieces, avoiding extremely low-cut tops, short mini-dresses, or anything that reveals too much skin.

In warm weather, choose lightweight dresses or tops in natural fabrics to keep cool, but also remain covered. If it is a formal event, choose a tailored dress or jumpsuit, or a skirt or trousers with a coordinating top. Accessorise to add flair to your outfit while keeping it appropriate. Remember to be classy, tasteful, and elegant – the bride and groom will certainly appreciate it!

Coordinate Your Footwear With Your Outfit

Ensure that your outfit is cohesive and complete by choosing the right footwear to coordinate. It is important to remember that you should always wear shoes that are the same colour as either your dress or your purse whenever possible. You can also match your shoes with those of your plus one or another wedding guest.

If you are attending a formal wedding, consider opting for dressier shoes such as leather, patent leather, or lace-up styles. As for more low-key wedding ceremonies, choose something more casual yet stylish such as mules, sandals, or ballet flats. For a winter wedding, be sure to wear a closed-toe style for warmth and protection from the elements such as velvet, sequins, or brocades for a more glamorous look. No matter what the occasion, coordinate your footwear with your outfit for a look that is stylish, casual, and complete.

Don’t Bring Anything You Don’t Need

When attending a wedding as a guest, it is wise to remember the golden rule – don’t bring anything you don’t need! Before packing what you plan to wear, ask yourself, “Is this necessary?” You want to look appropriate and fashion-forward without going overboard. Additionally, make sure to bring something to cover up with in case it gets chilly – like a shawl or light jacket.

Additional Tips

Aside from selecting the right outfit and footwear, paying attention to small details can really enhance your overall look as a guest. For example, think about adding some lovely nail art that complements your dress. And, for that extra radiant glow, why not schedule a facial appointment? Simply search “facial near me in Scottsdale, AZ” (or elsewhere) online to find an esthetician clinic that offers a range of facial services and book your slot based on your availability. And let’s not forget about makeup! It’s important to get the right makeup done that complements both your outfit and complexion to truly make you stand out.

That said, for men aiming to make a lasting impression as wedding guests should prioritize grooming alongside their attire. From indulging in a professional haircut at a renowned men’s barbershop or any other location to adopting a dedicated skincare routine, there are numerous grooming options available to elevate their appearance.

For instance, a visit to a reputable mens barbershop in Red Deer or elsewhere can ensure a well-executed haircut tailored to enhance facial features and complement the overall look. Skilled barbers can offer personalized styling advice and recommendations, ensuring that guests feel confident and polished on the big day.

Additionally, investing in skincare can significantly enhance a man’s appearance and confidence. A simple yet effective skincare routine, including cleansing, moisturizing, and applying sunscreen, can improve skin health and contribute to a radiant complexion. Men can also explore specialized skincare treatments, such as facials or exfoliating treatments, to address specific concerns and achieve a refreshed and rejuvenated look.

Furthermore, attention to grooming details, such as grooming facial hair, trimming nails, and ensuring a tidy appearance, completes the polished wedding guest ensemble. By incorporating grooming practices into their wedding preparation routine, men can exude confidence and sophistication, leaving a lasting impression on the bride, groom, and fellow guests alike.


In conclusion, dressing as a wedding guest is all about finding the right balance between looking stylish and respecting the occasion. By following the tips outlined in this blog post, you can ensure that you not only look your best but also feel comfortable and confident throughout the event. Remember to check the dress code on the invitation, choose flattering colors, and avoid any attire that may upstage the bride. Additionally, pay attention to the season when selecting your outfit and coordinate your footwear accordingly. Lastly, don’t forget about the small details like nail art and makeup, which can elevate your look even further. With these tips in mind, you’ll be sure to make a lasting impression as a wedding guest.

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