As you already know, my name is Jessica and I’m an avid traveller and pet lover. When I’m not travelling, I work in my family pet grooming business, so I get to meet so many doggies. I love my job and learned quite a lot about dog personalities and how to manage certain behaviours. So, I thought I would share what I’ve learned in this blog too!

Also, one thing I found was that people wanted to take their pets on holiday with them, but thought it would be an impossible task, or just simply too stressful. If you’re travelling within your own country, then getting a decent crate or a suitable dog seatbelt should more than do, provided you’ve got a big enough car. But, travelling abroad can be seen as a bigger issue. My blog is partly here to help remove those issues and give you great advice on what to do. 

Anyway, a bit more about me. I grew up in the Cotswolds, the quintessential epitome of the English countryside. Surrounded by beautiful stone buildings, 

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I’ve always grown up around dogs in this idyllic setting. My first dog was a Golden Retriever called Monty when I was around six years old. He was my best friend growing up and we enjoyed lots of long walks together across the fields. We also had a lovely garden with a swing set that I used to spend all my time playing on with him. As I have gotten older, I have ended up spending more and more time in the garden, probably due to those fond memories with Monty spent in the garden. In fact, he was named after my Mum’s favourite horticulture expert, Monty Don. However, my Monty was far less green-fingered, despite his best efforts to dig up the garden. So, I have included content on my gardening tips and other home improvements to increase the curb appeal of your home.

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